Prays Together: The Meaning of Christmas

By Ian Hodge What is the real meaning of Christmas? Many answers are proposed, and Christmas is big enough and important enough that most of the commonly proposed answers at least touch upon the [...]

Prays Together – The Wondrous Gift

By Ron Hull Dr. Harold G. Wolff, a pioneer researcher into the relationship between stress and disease wrote: “Hope, faith and purpose in life is medicinal. This is not merely a statement of [...]

Prays Together: God’s Inerrant Word

By Christopher Scott A survey of the Internet and blogosphere will show you people with little or no academic credentials criticizing the Bible saying, “The Bible is full of errors” or “Let’s [...]

Prays Together: From Despair to Joy

By Jim Newman Some people may describe despair as having arrived too late at the mall to purchase the Black Friday items they wanted so desperately, (or maybe having not been able to find a [...]

Did God Really Say…?

By Michael Guzma Parents and grandparents, I’m sure you know this situation: You ask your child or grandchild to take out the trash (or clean their room, or feed the dog, etc.), but they are [...]

Prays Together: Incarnation

By Ian Hodge How do we make a difference in a world gone crazy? Or perhaps more pointedly, how do we change our world for the better, and permanently rather than temporarily? You know, how do we [...]

Prays Together: God’s Design

By Mandy Nevarez As a chaplain for the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry here in Tulare County, I have had the unique opportunity to do what I love each day. Some days are easier than others. [...]

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