Prays Together: Campfire Stories

By Ben Hayes  Aren’t campfires great? I’m sure you can all picture a time when you and family or friends sat around a campfire and just told stories. Perhaps it was fond memories of your [...]

Creed Screed: Keep Life in Focus

By Paul Leavens  Psalm 119:15  “I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.” I recently stumbled across a headline that stopped me in my tracks: “Man tries to take selfie with [...]

Creed Screed: Doing Worship

By Paul Leavens  What is in the middle of church? “U-R.” If “U-R” is not in ch-ch it is incomplete. We cannot have church without “U.” If something is missing maybe it’s because “U-R” not where [...]

Mother’s Day Has a Fascinating History

By Paul Leavens While versions of the holiday existed in the 19th century, the modern Mother’s Day originated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at her church in Grafton, [...]

Remember Your Story

By Michael Guzman Our families were pioneers. The earliest settlers to this area saw a fertile valley and dreamed of cities and industry where there were none. Later immigrants were drawn by the [...]


By Paul Leavens After speaking about God’s . forgiveness at a small church in Munich in 1947, Corrie ten Boom saw a balding, heavyset man approaching her. She recognized his face immediately.  [...]

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