Single fatality in hit and run

Police are still on the lookout for a driver who collided with Exeter resident Charles Stephens. According to Visalia Police Stephens was 57 years old and was struck on west bound Mineral King [...]

Visalia Eats up the arts

While rain might have come in a major down pour there are those without water. For some who continue to come up dry CalWater may have the perfect event to cure what ales you, only it comes in [...]

Visalia get the ‘Gold’ spotlight

The Institute for Local Government and the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative honored the City of Visalia with two Spotlight Awards for the city’s efforts to save energy, reduce greenhouse [...]

State to hold GSA meeting

GSA. GSP. SGMA. DWR. SWRCB. If you own a private well and these initials don’t ring a bell you are going to need to leave the farm or office early on Oct. 22 to get educated. The State Water [...]

Visalia Unified builds a hallowed hall

When most seniors graduate from high school, they feel like they leave an indelible footprint on their campus. Sometimes it’s as small as a dent in a locker and other times it’s as large as a [...]

Next bill begins water savings contest

California Water Service’s (Cal Water) Visalia-area customers can now determine their eligibility and number of entries into Cal Water’s $500 “save and win” drawing, as bills dated Sept. 23 begin [...]

Mayor to deliver ‘State of the City’

The average citizen’s contact with city government is often minimal. You might attend a City Council meeting when something concerns you. You might file paperwork at City Hall or see the mayor or [...]

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