Newspapers In Education

Newspapers In Education, or NIE, is a program providing editions of the newspaper, either electronically or in print, to sixth, seventh and eighth grade classrooms each week. By giving students access to their hometown newspaper, they can learn about local government, local events, local high school sports and sometimes their teachers and classmates.

In all their forms, newspapers remain one of the most remarkable, multifaceted and effective educational resources available to teachers. In their print, e-edition or Web versions, newspapers expose students to an ever-widening range of subjects and give teachers fresh resources for teaching both core and enrichment topics.

With newspapers, teachers can engage students with contemporary informational texts that not only bring academics to life but also deepen learning by grounding it in real-world experiences.

Newspapers also help students understand and relate to current events, practice valuable reading and writing skills, and learn how to make informed decisions. Integration of newspapers is an excellent way to introduce students to expository text with the added benefit of teaching a variety of topics. News stories and columns about government, current events, technology, public affairs and international relations can be connected directly to subjects students are learning in their content-area classes while cultivating valuable literacy skills.

For more information on the Sun-Gazette’s NIE program, contact [email protected].

Current teachers participating in NIE

Jefferson Elementary (K-8)

Veronica Portillo-Nichols

Steve Miller

Guadalupe Alvarez

Michael Kiwan

Melinda Decoito

Freedom Elementary (4-6)

Melinda Urton

Iliana Hernandez

Maricela Garcia

Gerardo Vazquez

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